Remote Geosteering – Quality Control

Using industry leading geosteering software such as SES, HNAV and TerraVU, Hollowtop Geological Services can land & steer your well through even the most complex geology for a single or multiple locations/rigs. Whether in the office or at a remote location, Hollowtop Geological Services gives you more quality footage in the ideal target production zone.


SES – Stoner Engineering Software

SES is 3D technical geosteering software that makes wellbore stratigraphic tracking quick-n-easy, accurate, and easily shared. SES provides a complete suite of software features to handle all of your horizontal drilling needs.  SES is horizontal and directional well bore drilling software…from pre-spud well planning with geologic model data integration through landing and 3D technical geosteering / stratigraphic interpretation while drilling or post drilling. Includes the 3DStratBlock  technical geosteering method with Relative Stratigraphic Depth (RSD) signal mapping, traditional 3D/2D well planning, survey calcs, Technical Hole Deviation (THD) calcs, THD logs, steering guidance from patented Fuzzy Logic control technology, and advanced visual geosteering interpretation tools using LWD (gamma ray, resistivity, etc.) and other data.


SES – Stoner Engineering Software



HNAV (Horizontal Navigation) – Horizontal Well Geonavigation Services

HNAV is a proprietary horizontal navigation software produced by Energy Frontiers Partners Services. The primary service is providing quality geonavigation services for horizontally drilled wells. HNAV does this by collecting measured depth gamma-ray, rate of penetration, mudlog, and survey data; then combining it so that a true vertical thickness log is created. The log is correlated with offset well data for accuracy. We generate a precise picture of what stratigraphy the well bore has drilled. The software is unique to the industry combining the tracking of bedded lithologies, as well as vertical discontinuities, such as faults and vertical lithological boundaries.



Special Features
  • Marker flags and full text annotation.
  • Better navigation tools – platformed upon a full database management system.
  • Precise control over display option of all graphical and text data.
  • Multiple log display and complete target evaluation assessment.
  • Independent editing of individual data segments.
  • Generation of .pdf, .gif, .png, and .ps display files and full compatibility with Adobe™.
  • Management-style presentation plot.
  • Uniquely capable of handling multiple vertical discontinuity types, such as faults and fractures, collapse breccias, reef edges, and other abrupt facies changes.

HNAV by Energy Frontier Partners Services



TerraVu – TerraDom Corp.

TerraVu is an interactive software system designed to assist professional staff in navigating a horizontal well to a stratigraphic target and to keep the well on target to a successful TD. The geosteering is accomplished using an offset or pilot well to establish a model of the stratigraphy in the vicinity of the drilling well and then using fast, iterative geometrical projection to remove the stretching of the measured depth log data to allow a true stratigraphic thickness (TST) correlation. With an accurate correlation of the MWD data, a precise calculation of target structure can be immediately obtained. Specifically, the data is projected to a correlation with the model by altering the dip of the strata and by interpreting faults where the correlation or data discontinuities indicate. As the well is drilled, the target structure is mapped on a cross sectional display, and updated in real time based on the most current well data. This gives all responsible parties the most accurate possible picture of the current position of the drillbit with respect to the target, based on your drilling data and geological knowledge of the area.

TerraVu by TerraDom


Hollowtop Geological Services offers geologic consulting in areas other than oil, gas and geothermal exploration. With past consulting projects ranging from assessment of water well potential to formation stability for construction sites, Hollowtop Geological Services can give you the help you need to assess your geologic needs.

Wellsite Services

Geosteering & Mudlogging

HGS wellsite services provides top level reporting & monitoring of wellsite operations. HGS can ensure you get quality data and sampling on every well.  Using Horizontal X-Section & HMG StrataLog software Hollowtop Geological Services can land & steer your well through even the most complex geology.  Horizontal XSection and HMG Strata Log, created by Horizontal Mudlog & Geosteering Inc, are graphical WYSIWYG software programs for horizontal and vertical wells.  Horizontal XSection displays a detailed two-dimensional cross-section of the borehole, allowing the geologist to quickly view all necessary features. The integration of geo-steering technology sets this software apart, facilitating informed and intelligent geo-steering decisions.


professional_small                       VerticalMudlog_s

Horizontal Mudlog Software



Gas Detection

HGS implements Mudlogging Systems, Inc. MLogger gas detection exclusively. The MLogger series gas detector is a digital gas detection system, specifically designed for wellsite gas detection. The three models begin with the Blue Box (TG), which detects total gas only. The Red Box (TGC) will detect total gas and has a built in chromatograph and our most advanced MLogger, the Yellow Box (TGC-C), includes CO2 detection along with total gas and a chromatograph.

MLogger Systems